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How to Delete/Remove Books from Kindle Fire?

"Just received my Kindle Fire, and when it syncs to my Amazon account all of my books that I have obtained show up on the Kindle Fire. How can I remove these books from the home screen? I don't like the clutter of having everything appear constantly."

If you would like maintain the clutter off your Amazon Kindle Fire, you'll have to learn how to delete books from the Kindle Fire.

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Fast Way to Clear eBooks from Kindle Fire

Step 1: Turn on your Kindle Fire and tab the "Book" item on the home screen.

Step 2: Tab the "Device" item at the top of the screen. Then tap and hold the book you wish to delete, and then select "Remove from Device".

deleting kindle fire ebooks

Step 3: If you need to remove the books listed underneath the "Cloud" section, you will have to manage your Kindle Fire books on the Amazon website.

There you are able to select "Books", choose Actions on the book and choose "Delete from library" on the drop-down menu. For many books like the Oxford Dictionary, this is the best way to remove it from the device.

clear ebooks from kindle fire

You can even select "Deliver to my..." to re-download any book to the device again. That covers about all you need to know on how to delete books from Kindle Fire.

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